What if the Emperor sought Psychiatric help?

This is the first episode of my new Lego Star Wars series called ‘What if…?’
In this episode we are trying to find source of Emperor Palpatine’s anger. Why he is a Sithlord? Why he doesn’t have any friends (except Darth Vader)? And why his face looks like wrinkled potato? It is on doctor Charles Buznahoff to find the answers! But what will happen, if he will find the answers? The answer is in this video!

I’ve done this video because I was thinking about, what was Palpatine’s live before his senator career? I saw one version in Robot Chicken SW special III but it was to normal. I wanted to make it look absurd! Actually all this SW What if…? series came out in my head while I was watching Robot chicken. I was doing photos for this film over 9 hours and preparing all the figures and backgrounds for 3 days. I was glad that Peter Vacek did the voice of Dr. Buznahoff, because he was fantastic and also that Jonáš Vacek done Vader…again. But this time he helped me of making Darth Vader’s voice effect. I think that this film is my best film so far and I hope you will enjoy it!

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