The history of this video is very interesting. I was one time checking out the uploads of my subscriptions and I found out that Sumkid1O1 uploaded Superhero contest. Rules where easy: 1-3 minutes long video with super hero topic. So I was thinking and thinking and…I got an idea: Teleshoping advert: Lex Luthor will do advert on his kryptonite weapons. I wrote the script and I voiced it with Lori.
So that was done but when I saw there the videos I founded out that lot of them are just copies of Forrestfire1O1 jokes! I hate this copies of someone jokes. It happened to me twice that two guys copied lot of my CwW jokes and use it in their videos >:( I H8 IT! But anyway I had a bad vision that someone will copy my video, which I want to get to the contest! So I waited to the contest end and 5 days before it ends I made the video and send it there. I was waiting three months and then I did the video (meanwhile I even bought a new program so it was better that I waited). The photos took me for 1 hour and the cutting, mouthing took me for 2-3 hours. Well I didn’t win in the contest but Sumkid 1O1 wrote me in a special thanks and even that mean a lot to me :’)

Description: This video is a parody on the stupid teleshopping adverts.


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