Darth Vader’s transformation (spoof)

Hi Star Wars friends!
This is the first Lego english Star Wars film I’ve made! I know that it is little bit weird that I’ve made SW film after 2 and half years of my brickfilm career, because I am big SW nerd, but I just didn’t have any good and funny ideas. But luckily my best friend’s brother Adam Gala got an amazing idea for SW parody! Thank you Ade! His idea was pretty easy:Vader’s transformation will get little bit wrong. So I’ve wrote couple of jokes, get the story little bit longer and I’ve made this film.
Very interesting fact is, that it was the first film, where I used my new professional lamps which I’ve got on Christmas. When I’ve done the photos I’ve got a new problem: Voice actors!I thought that I could play Emperor and Vader but when I tried it I founded out that it sounded to similar. There are together 5 characters: Vader, Palpatine, Tony Stark, plumber Joe and the Batman. I am a big Robot chicken fan and I love their SW parodies and my favourite character there is Palpie. So I was sure that Palpatine AKA wrinckled face will be voiced by me. Then there is Tony Stark. I thought I may play him because it is pretty easy, just to do little bit arrogant accent and we have Tony. But I remembered on Jacob. He is my friend and a big fan of Avengers, especially Captain America. But there isn’t Cap so he had to play Tony. And I founded out that he could try to play plumber Joe. That was the best decision I could make! When I hear:”I’m here to fix the toilet” I am laughing to dead :D
So now there is just Batman and Vader. Seriously anyone could do Batman’s voice but I didn’t know about anyone good for Vader. And then my friend which is living in Belgium came and I was talking with him about my films and I told him, that if he want, he could try to play Vader. And now he is the best Tuzarsfilm actor! I am really glad that he is doing some voices for me. Actually we have made together some new SW parodies. I will start to film them in summer (I must wait for some of the Lego summer sets and minifigures for example Count Dooku)
I was doing this film for week and a half. I tried there some new tricks with camera and titles. Actually titles were very difficult and I am very proud on the way how I’ve made them. First of all I’ve done the photos of the characters which played in this film and of the Lego versions of the peoples, who were being part of this film (another interesting fact: this is the first english film without any help of Lori). Then I erased the background in the Photoshop and I’ve putted the photos together. Also I wrote the names of the real people in lightsaber style. Each name got their special colour. I was doing the titles SIX HOURS!!! It was a really herd work but in the end it looks in my opinion perfectly. Actually it is my favourite part from the film :D That is pretty sad :)
Anyway enjoy the film and may the force be with you :) :

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