What if the Emperor sought Psychiatric help?

This is the first episode of my new Lego Star Wars series called ‘What if…?’
In this episode we are trying to find source of Emperor Palpatine’s anger. Why he is a Sithlord? Why he doesn’t have any friends (except Darth Vader)? And why his face looks like wrinkled potato? It is on doctor Charles Buznahoff to find the answers! But what will happen, if he will find the answers? The answer is in this video!

I’ve done this video because I was thinking about, what was Palpatine’s live before his senator career? I saw one version in Robot Chicken SW special III but it was to normal. I wanted to make it look absurd! Actually all this SW What if…? series came out in my head while I was watching Robot chicken. I was doing photos for this film over 9 hours and preparing all the figures and backgrounds for 3 days. I was glad that Peter Vacek did the voice of Dr. Buznahoff, because he was fantastic and also that Jonáš Vacek done Vader…again. But this time he helped me of making Darth Vader’s voice effect. I think that this film is my best film so far and I hope you will enjoy it!

My brickfilming plans

Now I am doing my new Star Wars series. It’ll be 17 episodes, short parodies.
Then I will do some Batman film.
Also I am writting some short versions of my favourite films (like the HP series).
And the last thing which I am writting the script about is an Avengers interactive video.
Cooking with Wormtail is CANCELLED for now. Also the Tales of Beedle the Bard.

The Wizard and the Hopping Pot

This is the second story from the J.K.Rowling’s book The Tales of Beedle the Bard which I re-made to a Lego version. I was taking the photos for two weeks and I was cutting the film for one and a half week. My good old friend Lori did again the narration and I think that he improved his voice talent more than in the Tale of the Three Brothers . I think that it is the best film (for now) I’ve made. But you should make your own opinion on this film, so watch it immediately!

The Wizard and the Hopping Pot:
“There was once a kindly old wizard who used his magic generously and wisely for the benefit of his neighbours. Rather than reveal the true source of his power, he pretended that his potions, charms and antidotes sprang ready-made from the little cauldron he called his lucky cooking pot. From miles around people came to him with he called his lucky cooking pot. From miles around people came to him with their roubles, and the wizard was pleased to give his pot a stir and put things right. This well-beloved wizard lived to a goodly age, then died, leaving all his chattels to his only son.

This son was of a very different disposition to his gentle father. Those who could not work magic were, to the son’s mind, worthless, and he had often quarrelled with his father’s habit of dispensing magical aid to their neighbours. Upon the father’s death, the son found hidden inside the old cooking pot a small package bearing his name. He opened it, hoping for gold, but found instead a soft, thick slipper, much too small to wear, and with no pair. A fragment of parchment within the slipper bore the words “In the fond hope, my son, that you will never need it.” The son cursed his father’s age-softened mind then threw the slipper back into the cauldron, resolving to use it henceforth as a rubbish pail. That very night a peasant woman knocked on the front door.

“My granddaughter is afflicted by a crop of warts, sir,” she told him. “Your father used to mix a special poultice in that old cooking pot ”

“Be gone!” cried the son.”What care I for your brat’s warts?” And he slammed the door in the old woman’s face. At once there came a loud clanging and banging from his kitchen. The wizard lit his wand and opened the door, and there, to his amazement, he saw his father’s old cooking pot: it had sprouted a single foot of brass, and was hopping on the spot, in the middle of the floor, making a fearful noise upon the flagstones. The wizard approached it in wonder, but fell back hurriedly when he saw that the whole of the pot’s surface was covered in warts.

“Disgusting object!” he cried, and he tried firstly to Vanish the pot, then to clean it by magic, and finally to force it out of the house. None of his spells worked, however, and he was unable to prevent the pot hopping after him out of the kitchen, and then following him up to bed, clanging and banging loudly on every wooden stair. The wizard could not sleep all night for the banging of the warty old pot by his bedside, and next morning the pot insisted upon hopping after him to the breakfast table. Clang, clang, clang, went the brass-footed pot, and the wizard had not even started his porridge when there came another knock on the door.

An old man stood on the doorstep.

“Tis my old donkey, sir, “he explained.”Lost, she is, or stolen, and without her I cannot take my wares to market, and my family will go hungry tonight.

“And I am hungry now!” roared the wizard, and he slammed the door upon the old man. Clang, clang, clang, went the cooking pot’s single brass foot upon the floor, but now its clamour was mixed with the brays of a donkey and human groans of hunger, echoing from the depths of the pot.

“Be still. Be silent!” shrieked the wizard, but not all his magical powers could quieten the warty pot, which hopped at his heels all day, braying and groaning and clanging, no matter where he went or what he did.

That evening there came a third knock upon the door, and there on the threshold stood a young woman sobbing as though her heart would break.

“My baby is grievously ill,” she said. “Won’t you please help us? Your father bade me come if troubled “But the wizard slammed the door on her. And now the tormenting pot filled to the brim with salt water, and slopped tears all over the floor as it hopped, and brayed, and groaned, and sprouted more warts.

Though no more villagers came to seek help at the wizard’s cottage for the rest of the week, the pot kept him informed of their many ills. Within a few days, it was not only braying and groaning and slopping and hopping and sprouting warts, it was also choking and retching, crying like a baby, whining like a dog, and spewing out bad cheese and sour milk and a plague of hungry slugs.

The wizard could not sleep or eat with the pot beside him, but the pot refused to leave, and he could not silence it or force it to be still. At last the wizard could bear it no more.

“Bring me all your problems, all your troubles and your woes!” he screamed, fleeing into the night, with the pot hopping behind him along the road into the village. “Come! Let me cure you, mend you and comfort you! I have my father’s cooking pot, and I shall make you well!” And with the foul pot still bounding along behind him, he ran up the street, casting spells in every direction. Inside one house the little girl’s warts vanished as she slept; the lost donkey was Summoned from a distant briar patch and set down softly in its stable; the sick baby was doused in dittany and woke, well and rosy.

At every house of sickness and sorrow, the wizard did his best, and gradually the cooking pot beside him stopped groaning and retching, and became quiet, shiny and clean. “Well, Pot?” asked the trembling wizard, as the sun began to rise. The pot burped out the single slipper he had thrown into it, and permitted him to fit it on to the brass foot. Together, they set off back to the wizard’s house, the pot’s footstep muffled at last. But from that day forward, the wizard helped the villagers like his father before him, lest the pot cast off its slipper, and begin to hop once more.”

Darth Vader’s transformation (spoof)

Hi Star Wars friends!
This is the first Lego english Star Wars film I’ve made! I know that it is little bit weird that I’ve made SW film after 2 and half years of my brickfilm career, because I am big SW nerd, but I just didn’t have any good and funny ideas. But luckily my best friend’s brother Adam Gala got an amazing idea for SW parody! Thank you Ade! His idea was pretty easy:Vader’s transformation will get little bit wrong. So I’ve wrote couple of jokes, get the story little bit longer and I’ve made this film.
Very interesting fact is, that it was the first film, where I used my new professional lamps which I’ve got on Christmas. When I’ve done the photos I’ve got a new problem: Voice actors!I thought that I could play Emperor and Vader but when I tried it I founded out that it sounded to similar. There are together 5 characters: Vader, Palpatine, Tony Stark, plumber Joe and the Batman. I am a big Robot chicken fan and I love their SW parodies and my favourite character there is Palpie. So I was sure that Palpatine AKA wrinckled face will be voiced by me. Then there is Tony Stark. I thought I may play him because it is pretty easy, just to do little bit arrogant accent and we have Tony. But I remembered on Jacob. He is my friend and a big fan of Avengers, especially Captain America. But there isn’t Cap so he had to play Tony. And I founded out that he could try to play plumber Joe. That was the best decision I could make! When I hear:”I’m here to fix the toilet” I am laughing to dead :D
So now there is just Batman and Vader. Seriously anyone could do Batman’s voice but I didn’t know about anyone good for Vader. And then my friend which is living in Belgium came and I was talking with him about my films and I told him, that if he want, he could try to play Vader. And now he is the best Tuzarsfilm actor! I am really glad that he is doing some voices for me. Actually we have made together some new SW parodies. I will start to film them in summer (I must wait for some of the Lego summer sets and minifigures for example Count Dooku)
I was doing this film for week and a half. I tried there some new tricks with camera and titles. Actually titles were very difficult and I am very proud on the way how I’ve made them. First of all I’ve done the photos of the characters which played in this film and of the Lego versions of the peoples, who were being part of this film (another interesting fact: this is the first english film without any help of Lori). Then I erased the background in the Photoshop and I’ve putted the photos together. Also I wrote the names of the real people in lightsaber style. Each name got their special colour. I was doing the titles SIX HOURS!!! It was a really herd work but in the end it looks in my opinion perfectly. Actually it is my favourite part from the film :D That is pretty sad :)
Anyway enjoy the film and may the force be with you :) :

Daniel Landa-Motýlek

Zdravím všechny české fanoušky!
Mám zde nové video a to konkrétně můj videoklip k písni od Daniela Landy-Motýlek. Toto video jsem udělal pro mou mamku k jejímu svátku. Je to taktéž mé poslední video z roku 2012. Do budoucnosti chystám udělat ještě alespoň dva videoklipy k písním od Daniela Landy. Jeden z nich vyjde okolo 15. května a bude opět věnované mé mamce (bude mít narozeniny :D ) Jeden docela zajímavý fakt je ten, že asi po třech dnech co jsem toto video zveřejnil, byl v televizi odvysílán proslov Kouzelníka Žita 44, takže jsem si doopravdy vybral skvělé načasování :D . Každopádně si vychutnejte moji vtipnou předělávku písně Motýlek

A kdyby jste si k tomu chtěli zazpívat:

“Ty jsi holka nebezpečná
Naše láska bude věčná
Uvěř tomu, že jsme bohatý
Štěstí nám teď šlape na paty
Prachy z tý banky máme celý
Ani jsme tam moc nestříleli

Hotel u cesty, symbol neštěstí
Ty chceš teďka spát, to se musím smát
Klepem na dveře, dobrá večeře
V bílý posteli noční veselí
V bílý posteli noční veselí

Proč jsi tenhle hotel vybrala?
A mě ses vůbec na nic neptala
Když jsem tam to auto viděl stát
Začal jsem se o nás trochu bát
Teď banda fízlů jak v hororu
Do voken se šplhá nahoru – na nás

V tom pajzlu jsme v hajzlu
Ty to znaj už nás maj
Skoro svítá – teď to lítá.
V bílý posteli mi Tě odstřelí
V bílý posteli mi Tě odstřelí

Sakra něco vlítlo mezi nás
Neodcházej, ještě není čas
Zkus to přemoct aspoň na chvíli
Škoda ze Tě takhle trefili
Já doufám, že Tě to moc nebolí
K svátku ti dám novou pistoli – velkou

V tom pajzlu jsme v hajzlu
Ty to znaj už nás maj
Skoro svítá – teď to lítá
V bílý posteli mi Tě odstřelí
V bílý posteli mi Tě odstřelí

Vypadáš jak když spíš
Houkačky neslyšíš
Tak Ty jsi mi takhle utekla
Nejkratší cestou do pekla!
Výstřely práskaj tmou
Já letím za Tebou – teď!!!

V tom pajzlu jsme v hajzlu
Ty to znaj už nás maj
Skoro svítá – teď to lítá
V bílý posteli mi Tě odstřelí
V bílý posteli mi Tě odstřelí”



Now I am making the second series of Cooking with Wormtail. I posted some photos ‘sneak a peak’ on Facebook so check them out. Right now I am making the first episode which will be long 7-8 minutes. I think it can be finished in 2 weeks (or I hope because it is a very hard work but it looks good). Nothing else then the CwW series 2 is not for me so important so it is the only film which I am doing right now!
Your lluukkyy28


I made this film with my good friend BoEoRoT.It took us 2 months to do and finish this project. The Batman Cut-off animation was a great experience for me.

Description: Batman is going to the bank for some money for a hamburger but his evil friends (actually enemies :D ) are waiting there for him! Enjoy!


The history of this video is very interesting. I was one time checking out the uploads of my subscriptions and I found out that Sumkid1O1 uploaded Superhero contest. Rules where easy: 1-3 minutes long video with super hero topic. So I was thinking and thinking and…I got an idea: Teleshoping advert: Lex Luthor will do advert on his kryptonite weapons. I wrote the script and I voiced it with Lori.
So that was done but when I saw there the videos I founded out that lot of them are just copies of Forrestfire1O1 jokes! I hate this copies of someone jokes. It happened to me twice that two guys copied lot of my CwW jokes and use it in their videos >:( I H8 IT! But anyway I had a bad vision that someone will copy my video, which I want to get to the contest! So I waited to the contest end and 5 days before it ends I made the video and send it there. I was waiting three months and then I did the video (meanwhile I even bought a new program so it was better that I waited). The photos took me for 1 hour and the cutting, mouthing took me for 2-3 hours. Well I didn’t win in the contest but Sumkid 1O1 wrote me in a special thanks and even that mean a lot to me :’)

Description: This video is a parody on the stupid teleshopping adverts.


And here is the 2nd episode of CwW. I remember when we were thinking with Lori about what should be special in this film, I had that idea with the Vanishing cabinets and that there can be some amazing chase with the werewolfs. Well and of course we were also thinking about the assistance and who else would be a better assistant then my favourite character: Draco Malfoy and then Lori had this funny idea with the sorting hat and shampoo and the ‘sorry for the interruption’ and…..well this is the second episode of CwW history :)

Description: I think that every Tuzarsfilm fan doesn’t need description for this video :D