About Me

Hello there Tuzarsfilm fan,
my name is Lukas Tuzar and I am from Czech Republic. I was born 19.7.1997. I am huge Star Wars, Harry Potter, Batman and Avengers fan. I am also a collector, I am collecting Lego and the Star Wars Hasbro figures. I am listening mostly to movie soundtracks (Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Alan Silvestri and many more) or video games soundtrack but I am also listening to rock (Editors, The Cure, Foo Fighters, Nine inch Nails and many more). My favourite video game is Crash Bandicoot. I love Agatha Christies books and my favourite comic book is Garfield.
My job (or more like a hobby because I don’t have any money from my films) is brickfilming. I own company called Tuzarsfilm. Company Tuzarsfilm has 5 very important people: 1st one is me of course, Lukas Tuzar (the founder of Tuzarsfilm, director, camera, script writer and actor in one person), 2nd one is Nikola Tuzarova (Producer and my Mum) (youtube channel: nicolette15O5), 3d one is Thomas Tuzar (Co-producer, sponsor and my dad), the fourth one is Lori Stabler (actor, he is correcting my grammar mistakes and the Co-founder of Cooking with Wormtail) and Bessinka (my dog). Tuzarsfilm is also working with an amateur band Crazy Hot-Dogs (band has 3 important people: Lukas Tuzar, David Gala and Adam Gala). My most popular films are Cooking with Wormtail (there are existing some parodies on it too :) ). If you are a Tuzarsfilm fan (and subscriber on Youtube) than thank you very much!!!!! I am doing the videos for you!!!!!!
your Lukas Tuzar (lluukkyy28)